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How should you invest your time and energy when learning new skills? Where should you spend your money? What online tools should you use? What offline books and classes should you take? What are the most important skills to learn in 2022? Let’s find out…

The Future of Education
Education is constantly evolving, adapting to society’s new needs. Skills are also continuously changing as industries grow and develop; however, there are some skills that seem permanent. Although we can’t predict with certainty what skills will be important down the road, we can make an educated guess based on current trends and what different experts have said about the future of education and our jobs in it. From that list, let’s take a look at which skills will be most valuable by 2022.

The Future of Digital Marketing
Millennials make up a large segment of today’s workforce, and they are quickly becoming leaders in every major industry—including digital marketing. Generation Z is coming up behind them, so they will likely be doing things differently too. Understanding how these generations see digital marketing can inform you on what skills you should focus on over the next few years. Here are three tips to help you develop your career plan for 2022

The Future of Software Development
As it stands, technology and software development are looking at a period of major disruption as a result of artificial intelligence and blockchain developments. In fact, IDC has predicted that by 2019, more than half of all companies will have implemented AI technologies into their businesses (up from 16% today). By 2023, Gartner predicts that blockchain technology will be part of every organization’s business strategy. We’re beginning to witness how new technologies are altering both business and consumer behavior.

The Future of Web Design
According to a recent survey by W3Techs, JavaScript is now used on 94.6% of all websites—and with good reason. The language has enabled developers around the world to create more dynamic, responsive sites that can load faster and engage users more effectively than ever before. But it’s not just any kind of JavaScript you need to know in order to succeed; you also need a strong understanding of frameworks like AngularJS and React, as well as a basic knowledge of Node.js and CSS3.

The Future of Android App Development
Android app development is one of the fastest growing industries in tech, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. As long as Google keeps its momentum going, Android developers should be able to find work for years to come. If you’re planning on making an Android app or want to create an app for a company that uses Android devices (such as at Starbucks), Android development is something you might want on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

The Future of iOS App Development
App development is as hot right now as it’s ever been, with a projected 7 million app developers globally by 2022. So, you might want to become one of them. If you’re considering learning how to develop iOS apps, here are some tips from me and other experts. Be sure to read through them before taking your first coding class—and if you do decide to go that route, do so responsibly!

The Future of Big Data Analytics
Big data and analytics are big business, with organizations spending over $16 billion on it last year alone. What’s more, predictions are that by 2018, nearly 75% of all enterprises will be using big data analytics extensively. As such, data analyst is one of a handful of positions that’s projected to grow by 17% from 2012-2022—making it our top recommended career for 2022. One way to stand out? Diversify your skill set.

How To Become A Data Scientist
It’s hard for many people to believe that not so long ago, knowledge workers didn’t have access to an endless stream of data. It wasn’t until 1992 that Tim Berners-Lee released his proposal for what would become World Wide Web and a full decade before Google was founded. But things are changing quickly. Today we generate more data every day than humans have created throughout all of history—2.5 quintillion bytes, according to IBM.

Other High Demand Skills In 2022
The demand for mobile and web development will continue to grow rapidly, as businesses seek solutions that fit their customers’ ever-evolving expectations. Programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, and C# will be used more often by workers in these fields. Front-end developers are needed for creating highly interactive web pages with new programming technologies like HTML5. While back-end jobs will remain stable for experienced professionals, new ones will emerge as businesses seek qualified candidates who understand software engineering best practices. Since most websites and applications require some form of database management, SQL will remain a hot skill among workers in both capacities. And, finally, cloud computing is just taking off: This includes learning how to architect multi-tiered applications using platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Blockchain technology may have a big impact on many different industries by 2022. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity—especially due to increasing government oversight—developers who can help build blockchain-based applications will be indispensable assets.

The demand for learning and acquiring new skills is at an all-time high, especially with advancements in technology. For example, organizations are investing heavily into cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, internet of things (IoT), and data analytics. The same is true of industries like financial services, healthcare, media/entertainment, retail/wholesale trade and transportation that are facing change because of disruptive business models like Uber or Airbnb. As an individual, you want to keep up with such changes by continuously learning new skills so you can adapt accordingly and thrive professionally. Now more than ever before it’s critical that we stay relevant as a skill set—and employers will be looking for candidates who are prepared for such realities. If you’re not sure which specific skills will be needed in 10 years time, here are five predictions:

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