6 Ways to Make Homework Easier


Getting good grades in school takes more than just studying hard and revising the night before exams; it also means working on your time management skills. A great way to improve your time management skills is to make it easier to manage your schedule by using some of these tips for kids on asking for help. If you’re struggling with schoolwork, implementing some of these simple tips can make a big difference in your success at learning and improving grades.

1) Talk About it
Asking for help is about as uncomfortable as it gets for many kids. But with a little education and practice, your child can get better at asking friends, siblings, teachers or even parents for help when they need it—and that’s a skill that’ll serve them well throughout life. The first step in helping kids work on their comfort level around asking for help is talking through some basic tips; here are some pointers to get you started

2) Ask Questions
One of our primary goals as parents is to instill a love of learning in our children. To do that, we must give them every opportunity they can get when it comes to education. By encouraging them to ask questions and seek out answers, you’re helping kids build a lifelong foundation for success. Encourage your child by asking them questions about what they’re learning at school and set aside time for homework talk after each day at school or on weekend mornings.

3) Get Organized
The easiest way to make homework easier is to simply get organized. And it’s true, even with all of those moving parts, education doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, just being a little more organized will help. Whether you keep a digital planner or your trusty old-fashioned paper version, writing out your assignments and planning when you’ll complete them can go a long way toward simplifying your schedule for school days. Taking things one step further by keeping track of where certain assignments are can also simplify things; if you know exactly where that English essay is or you see that you finished all but that one question in your math test, it’s going to feel like much less work!

4) Set a Timer
While you can put in more time than your peers, education requires focus. Set a timer for half an hour of focused work and stick to it! You may be surprised how much easier homework becomes with some discipline. Remember: one big assignment doesn’t deserve hours at a time; ten smaller assignments definitely do! If possible, divide up larger projects over several nights or split apart particularly long reading sections. If you need additional help with reading assignments there are many websites that provide summaries and even text-to-speech options so you can listen to your book on tape (or MP3) as you read along on paper.

5) Use Apps That Can Help
Apps are a great resource for kids with any sort of learning challenges. Whether your child has trouble with reading, math, or organization skills, there’s likely an app out there that can help them master these concepts and learn them more easily. Whether it’s an educational game or a set of flashcards, apps are both fun and functional when it comes to making homework easier. If you’re not sure where to start, try searching online; they might have been created just for your child!

6) Ask for Help from Parents
It’s common for kids to struggle with homework on occasion, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Some students might not have a proper space for studying, some may have trouble understanding certain concepts, or perhaps they just don’t understand how homework is supposed to be done. If you fall into any of these categories, you can always ask your parents or guardians for help.

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