6 Reasons Why You Should Get Pet Insurance


No matter how much care you lavish on your beloved pet, there’s always the chance that they’ll get sick or hurt at some point, and you’ll be stuck with costly veterinary bills. Pet insurance can help protect your pet from illness and injury by giving you peace of mind. It can also help ease the financial burden in the long run, especially if your pet has a chronic condition like diabetes that requires frequent treatments. Read on to learn more about why you should consider getting pet insurance so that you can be sure your furry friend gets the care they need, no matter what happens to them.

1) Pet Insurance Protects Against Unexpected Expenses
Many pet owners underestimate how costly veterinary care can be. Pet insurance helps cover some of these unexpected costs. If your dog breaks a leg and requires surgery, for example, pet insurance can cover part of that cost. If you ever need to make an expensive claim, you will likely receive all or most of your money back through a reimbursement check from your insurer. This helps eliminate another common fear that keeps people from getting pet insurance: lack of funds to pay for treatment.

2) What Happens If Your Pet Dies?
The thing about pets is that they can’t plan for their future, so it’s up to us to make sure they are protected. If your pet has a serious accident or becomes terminally ill, pet insurance will help cover what could be thousands of dollars in medical expenses—at least in part. But before you buy a policy, make sure you look into your existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Many times, those policies have clauses which allow owners to add exotic animals as an additional insured; if so, you might not need extra coverage at all. (Here’s more information on how home insurance may apply.)

3) What about Medical Conditions?
Pets, just like people, have medical conditions. While some of these can be manageable with natural remedies or other treatment methods, many are too risky to go without veterinary care. That’s where pet insurance comes in. If you’re considering getting pet insurance, there are a few things you should know

4) Pet Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind
When your pet falls ill, taking them to a veterinarian can be costly. Even after paying hundreds of dollars in co-pays and deductibles, there’s still no guarantee that you won’t have to pay additional costs out of pocket. By choosing pet insurance, you can rest easy knowing that if your pet requires medical attention, they will be covered.

5) Plan Ahead, Not When in Need
Pets need to see a vet whether they’re covered by pet insurance or not. The price of a visit can be costly, but taking care of your pet’s health will save you money in other ways. When your pet gets sick and you have to rush him or her to an emergency animal hospital, it will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for their care.

6) Compare Multiple Insurers
It’s a good idea to take some time and compare multiple pet insurance companies before you purchase a policy. Look at their rates, policies, and procedures before deciding which one is right for you. The more homework you do up front, the happier you’ll be with your decision in years to come.

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