5 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Students


Teaching kids can be one of the most rewarding jobs out there, but it’s also one of the hardest and most demanding. For some students, school can be boring and tedious; even those who are actually interested in their subjects might need some extra motivation to really learn what you’re trying to teach them. Here are five simple ways to make learning fun for your students, so they develop a lasting love of education as they get older.

1) Plan a fun field trip
Planning a fun field trip for your students is an important job and you should take it seriously. You may want to go with a trip that is educational, like a museum or zoo, but there are also plenty of ways you can have fun while learning. Check out these 5 ideas below. Keep in mind, though, whatever option you choose, it needs to be well thought-out ahead of time. For example, choosing too strenuous of an activity might not be as much fun if kids aren’t feeling up to par that day. A good way to keep everyone engaged during your field trip is by having activities available along the way; going on a hike or taking an obstacle course (such as jumping rope) between learning stations could work nicely! Another thing to consider: timing! If weather permits, try scheduling outdoor events earlier in the day when participants are fresh and more likely to enjoy themselves. If bad weather seems imminent, plan indoor lessons around those times so participants don’t get worn out during their experience. It’s a great idea to think through different scenarios before you plan your outing just so everything goes smoothly once it comes time for fun! And remember – always be sure to check with teachers at other schools beforehand to find out what they’re doing so you don’t plan something similar.
Dream big! Build things! Learn how they work and how they fail! Play music together—and then compose some of your own music on instruments (you didn’t even know existed). Tap into each others creativity and diversity. Don’t let them see schools being boring places where young people learn facts from textbooks only.

2) Create an online learning platform
According to several sources, learning can be anywhere from 20% to 30% more effective when done in a fun environment. Technology is an excellent tool for making education fun, as you can create engaging interactive content that keeps your students interested and excited about what they’re learning. A number of great apps are available in both mobile and web versions, so you can take advantage of these resources from anywhere.

3) Use technology in the classroom
Virtual reality technology is making its way into schools around the country. The most popular use of VR in education is in virtual field trips—students can now transport themselves out of a classroom and into a historical time period or geographic region, experiencing that world firsthand. In classrooms where VR isn’t available, teachers can leverage technology by connecting students with people across time and space.

4) Create physical activities out of your lessons
Create an activity that gets your students moving and having fun. If you are learning about continents, make a map of them out of clay or sand. If you are reading a book, make up a game where students pretend they are characters in it. When schoolwork is exciting and physical, it becomes easier for your kids to retain information and have fun at school!

5) Go on creative adventures with your students
If you’re having trouble thinking of creative ways to make learning fun, go on creative adventures with your students. Plan field trips and study breaks that take advantage of a locale’s natural beauty, or do some book research together by taking part in a guided tour of someplace related to your current curriculum. If it can get your kids excited about learning, then it’s fair game!

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