Four Reasons That a Degree Can Affect Your Job Search


Whether you’re in college right now or are considering getting a degree, you might be wondering how your education can affect your job search and career success. College isn’t just about getting good grades; it’s about preparing yourself for your future, which includes finding a well-paying job after graduation. Here are four reasons that having a degree affects your job search positively.

A degree can show your dedication
When interviewing for jobs, you’ll meet people from all backgrounds and with many different levels of education. This can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a degree, but in today’s economy—and especially in certain fields—it can also give you an edge. In fact, education level is one of the most common questions employers ask on job applications; some even include optional categories for degrees earned and highest degree earned. Showing your dedication to professional development by earning your degree shows hiring managers that you plan to stay around long-term. If they see that you’re not just looking for a quick paycheck but have plans to grow with their company, they might feel more comfortable offering you an opportunity.

A degree can improve your productivity
Not only do most employers require a degree for their employees, but those with degrees are typically more productive. With an education in your field of choice, you’ll not only learn new skills that can be immediately applied to your job, but you’ll also be able to take on projects and tasks that someone without a degree might find daunting. This can lead to increased productivity or promotion opportunities within your company and help you achieve career success. Over time, you may even have enough experience under your belt to venture out on your own as an entrepreneur if that’s what you desire. A degree can give you an edge: Employers often favor candidates with degrees over those without one.

A degree shows you are determined
Studies show that employers do favor degrees when hiring employees. It might be because employers see how long it took you to finish your degree and know you are committed to your career. You’re not just looking for any job; you want one that will help move your career forward. Whether you hold an associates, bachelors, masters or PhD, it shows that you are serious about getting ahead in life. After all, with college loans looming in your future, having a degree is more important than ever before. With student loan debt on track to hit $1 trillion by next year, it’s no surprise why potential employers find candidates with degrees so attractive.

A degree will help you climb the ladder
According to Mike Moffatt, an economics professor at Western University’s Ivey Business School, there’s little statistical difference in success rates for those with degrees and without. But here’s why that matters: Once you’ve earned your degree, you can hit career milestones such as becoming a manager or vice president faster. And once you become one of those folks with authority and access to more data, your chances of being promoted go up significantly. A degree is also a great conversation starter in job interviews: A survey by CareerBuilder found that 76 percent of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire applicants who have received formal education at an accredited school than those who have not.

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